About White Tiger Kenpo Karate

Our Affiliation

Our school teaches American Kenpo Karate through the Ed Parker Sr/Mills Crenshaw/Tony Martinez Sr. lineage.

Our Instructors

Lynn Myers

White Tiger of Cache Valley  was founded by Lynn Myers in 1989 who currently holds an 8th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a Red Belt  (Master’s Belt) in Chiryoku Rikiji Karate and has been training and teaching for just over 40 years and is  the head instructor at White Tiger Kenpo Karate.

“Learning and teaching  Kenpo is my passion of my life, I especially enjoy the children who are the future.”

Lynn Myers

Rachel Bickmore

Brandon Scriver

Brandon Scriver Instructor

Brandon has been studying martial arts for 16 years.

Brandon started studying under Adam Smith at Bobby Lawrence Karate in Logan UT, he earned a second degree black belt and completed the BLK Instructor’s program before deciding to try out other martial arts systems. From there Brandon got a year and a half “crash-course” in Wing Chun Kung Fu. Brandon then moved on to studying Combat Jujutsu under Matt Lundgren, during which time he was introduced to Lynn Myers and Tony Martinez Sr.

Master Martinez promoted Brandon to 4th Degree Black Belt in October of 2019.

“My mom says martial arts taught me grace and coordination – something I sorely needed growing up!”

Brandon Scriver

Ty Ray – Jr. Instructor

Ty has been training with Lynn since he was five years old, he was promoted to Back belt in December of 2020.