Instructor's Thoughts

Basic Ways to Generate Power

There are three basic ways to generate power in martial arts, those are:

  • Stepping
  • Twisting
  • Dropping


Stepping is the simplest method, step in the direction of your target and throw a strike.


Twisting generates torque or a rotational force around a central pivot. You can twist in a lot of subtle ways, the easiest is to swing-step. A more subtle example is the twist of the hips going from a Neutral Bow to a Forward Bow – or the reverse.


Dropping uses a controlled fall to create force. In order to fall, you have to move upward first, then you fall. The fall is typically timed with a step, you simply let your body fall a little farther with your step (and then hit with the energy create by the “bounce” as your foot connects with the floor).

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