Cat Stance Notes

Purpose: the Cat Stance is primarily used a transition from retracting the front foot into a kick, typically a front kick.

A Good Cat Stance

  • Start from a Neutral Bow
  • Shift your weight onto your back leg
  • Pull your lead leg back so it’s inline with right next to your back heel
    • The lead foot shouldn’t be right next to it but close
    • The lead foot should be up on the ball of the foot
  • The weight distribution should be about 90/10 toward the back foot
  • Drop your rear hand to your low-zone
  • Bring your front hand to cover your high-zone

Notes on Practicing

  • Practice pulling your lead leg back and then executing a front snap-kick to the groin
    • After you re-chamber the kick land forward in a Neutral Bow
    • When your foot makes contact with the floor, execute a lead-hand snapping punch to the nose or to the solar plexus
    • Retract your punch to your guard

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