Forward Bow Notes

Purpose: transition force forward into strikes.

Despite the term stance implying something static, in martial arts stances should be looked at as moments in time, positions you flow through in order generate power, preset for strikes, or reposition yourself avoid your opponent.

The forward bow is primarily used for driving power forward, but it can also be used as a brace against a forward rush.

A Good Forward Bow

  • From a Neutral Bow
  • Pivot your back heel toward the outside of your stance
    • Left foot would go out toward the left, right foot out toward the right
  • Straighten your back back leg until it’s straight, but not locked out
  • Shift your weight forward onto your front leg
    • Front knee should be bent 90 degrees
    • Weight distribution should be around 70/30 to the front leg
    • Drive forward with the balls of your feet
  • Rotate your hips forward so they are squared up with your target
    • Shoulders should both be forward stacked over hips
  • Squeeze your glutes
  • When practicing the stance in isolation put your hands in the chamber

Notes on Practicing

  • Practice punching with your rear hand to the solar plexus or the nose as you shift into the Forward Bow
    • Retract your punch as you shift back into a Neutral Bow

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