Neutral Bow Notes

Purpose: a good default position to train kicking, striking, and combinations from.

The neutral bow is a compromise between mobility and limiting access to targets while still allowing the use of all weapons without having to move around yourself.

There are a lot of variations on hand placement and slight variations on foot placement – the following are good general guidelines.

Other Names: Guard, Basic Guard, Guarding Stance

A Good Neutral Bow

  • Feet should be just outside of shoulder width
    • Weight should be shifted toward the balls of the feet
    • Feet should be parallel and pointing 45 degrees in relation to your opponent/target
    • Should be able to draw a line from your back heel through your front toe (toe-heel alignment) to your opponent
  • Knees should be bent
  • Shoulders should be stacked over the hips
    • A more practical position is to drop the chin toward the lead shoulder
    • The lead shoulder should be raised toward the chin
  • Let the elbows hang and protect the ribs
  • Bring the rear fist up close to the jaw
  • Bring the lead fist up out in front of the nose
    • Not too far forward, but not too close either

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